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Product Questions
Are your products tested on animals??
  No, Our products are not tested on animals, unless you count the humans who work at Ki Aroma.
Can I create my own Essential Oil blends?
  Yes, Of course you can create your own very special blends! Always be certain to dilute them appropriately before applying to your skin. Please refer to our Blending Instructions.
Can your oils be ingested?
  All of our Essential Oils are pure and therapeutic grade. However, we do not recommend the ingestion of any Essential Oils. They are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise. This recommendation is supported by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.
How do I write a Product Review?
  First log into your account with Ki Aroma.
Then scroll down to the "Write a Review" section on any Product page to write your review.

I would like to use Aromatherapy on the go. Which products do you suggest?
What are Precious Oils?
  Precious Oils are exotic Essential Oils and Absolutes that we have diluted in Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is extracted from a South American evergreen plant that is non-irritating to the skin. Bringing the world of rare Essential Oils & Absolutes to you in a safe and affordable product.
Where do Essential Oils come from?
  Essential oils are extracted from the roots, leaves, flowers, bark, fruit and resins of plants and trees from all over the world. Please see our Products for detailed information regarding origin and extraction method.